​How to create a lightbox

At the end of this text is a link to a lightbox.

​I lightbox is a presentation of a page content in a pop-up (lightbox).

It shows the Hero+Content area of the page. It doesn't show the right hand side and it doesn't work with home page templates.

First step is to mark the text you want to be the lightbos link.

Mark the text and then go Insert in the tab in ribbon at the top.

Then click the link button and chose 'From Sharepoint'.

Browse to find the page you want to link to and Insert.

Now the text is a link.

To make it a lightbox link, pace the cursor in the link. You now see a new Link tab appear in the ribbon at the top. It is a green tab.

Click it, and in the right hand side there is a tick box. One of them says Create Lightbox. 

Tick it and you link is now a lightbox link. You can see the style of the link is changed and an icon is added.

​​​Lightbox (regular link)